Hi, I'm Clemens

I'm a senior software engineer at Microsoft in New York City (ex-Amazon). I work on diverse cutting-edge projects with partners and develop open source solutions. I'm also the lead engineer of Ascoderu, a tech-for-good non-profit.

Software development

I've worked on all levels of the stack, from frontend (React, TypeScript) to backend (Node, Python, Java, Scala, C#) to devops (Bash, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure) to machine learning (Scikit-Learn, Spark).

I've led teams, designed system architectures, mentored junior engineers and shipped a whole lot of code.

You can find out more about my professional background on LinkedIn and you can view some of my code on Github.

Technical writing & public speaking

I've published several articles, including:

I've also spoken on a number of technical topics, including:


I read and review software-related books. I also make craft cocktails.

I love exploring new places and have lived in Togo, Mali, Zambia, South Africa, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the United States.

I'm married to the amazing Laura Barluzzi.